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Saturday, 14th February
What can be better for Valentine’s Day than the romantic
Claude Bourbon
With his Medieval & Spanish blues guitar
Born in France in the early 60’s, Claude Bourbon grew up in Switzerland, where he was classically trained for many years. This finger picking guitarist has performed and studied all over the world; he has crafted an unbelievable fusion of classical and jazz, with ethereal Eastern influences, Spanish and Latin elements with strains of Western folk.

The unique Monsieur Bourbon is a formidable performer. He may have his roots in the blues, but he is inspired by music and song from all around the world, taking these sounds and weaving them into a performance of blues, rock, jazz, songs and melodies that defy a label, all delivered with a gravely voice.

Claude’s inimitable style incorporates all five digits on each hand dancing independently but in unison, plucking, picking and strumming at such speed and precision that his fingers often seem to melt into a blur.
“…This accomplished artist offers tender, compelling performance through highly developed precision. His sound instantly creates ambience – from haunting Spanish moods to lyrical, romantic jazz, Claude Bourbon provides both a rich evening of music for lovers, and a real treat for music lovers…”, BBC
Thousands of people in the UK, Europe and USA have enjoyed listening to this virtuoso and for the majority of his audience it is an experience that compels them to return again and again to hear and watch him play, as his fingers lightly dance over the strings of his guitar and create a unique sound that is ’Claude’.

Now based in the UK, some of this guitarists’ influences allow us a fascinating insight into this remarkable musician; Paco De Lucia: Deep Purple’s Richie Blackmore; Joaquin Rodrigo; JJ Cale, Monty Python; JS Bach and Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks….
Wednesday, 18th February
A chance to see the great
Phil Beer
In an intimate venue.
Phil Beer is the multi-instrumental half of the west countryʼs award winning acoustic duo,
Show of Hands, With a professional career of over 36 years, Phil has a great deal of material to draw on for his solo appearances. All are songs and music of memory and significance sung in the subtle and melodic Phil Beer style and interjected with musings and amusings to an almost personal
audience. It is a treat of past and current favourites from one of the most popular musicians
on the acoustic circuit.

An audience with Phil Beer has been described as a glimpse into his world where folk, blues,  hymns, the sea, the West Country and a life spent in music combine to make a true show.
A Phil Beer gig is one spent in the company of a true craftsman, a master musician and consummate performer  - Iain Hazlewood, Spiral Earth
Phil Beer seems able to play anything with strings, and the back drop of instruments lining the stage barely leaves room for him…a highly accomplished musician, a very funny man, and a  night to remember - Froots Magazine
A Phil Beer solo gig is far more than a folk concert. As well as a raft of fantastic anecdotes, he  dropped in on a range of American musical greats: Hoyt Axton, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Steve Earle and blues legends, Reverend Gary Davis and Blind Willie Dixon  - Nottingham Post
Tickets £12
Patrick Monahan
Adventures in Monahanland
Energetic, refreshingly clean stand-up show from the charming Irish/Iranian  favourite renowned for his superb anecdotes and playful audience interaction. One of the Granary’s best sellers so be sure to book early!

Patrick Monahan is an award winning Comic that has recently been on ITVs Celebrity squares and Splash, Fake Reaction, Fox’s Man up, BBC 1's Dance for Sports Relief and is also the Winner of ITV's Show Me The Funny!

'Hilarious without being outrageous'  ThreeWeeks

'There isn't a comic quite like him'  The NewCurrent.co.uk

'The same mix of control and on-stage charisma as a young Alan Davies’  Herald

'Supremely engaging performer, adored by his audiences' (Scotsman).
Tickets Full £10, Concessions £9, Friends of the Granary £8  
Friday, 13th March
Saturday 28th February @ 2.30 p.m.
Box Tale Soup  
Carroll's Wonderland floods onto the stage in a whirl of strange creations, handmade puppets and props, and frantic characters. No matter how old or young, everyone will find their own moment of magic in Wonderland and make it safely home again - the only danger is, you may not want to leave...
Tickets Adults £8, Children £5,  Famly £20 ( 2 adults and 2 children)
"...as wonderful as any wonderland could be." Fringe Guru

"This production seamlessly married fantastic performances with beautiful puppetry..."
A Younger Theatre
Box Tale Soup's version of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland has been created and adapted entirely by the company. It features a cast of just two human performers, a dozen colourful handmade puppets and a beautiful set that unfolds from a vintage trunk, alongside a magical soundtrack of original music composed especially for the show. From the surprising appearance of the Cheshire Cat to the madness of the Tea Party, this is a constantly inventive and refreshing take on Carroll's classic work.
'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'
Following on from the success of their Northanger Abbey and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland – both brought to life with just two performers, a vintage trunk and a troupe of puppets – award winning Box Tale Soup want to chill your heart this time, not warm it, as they turn their imaginative eye to the classic ghost stories of English author M.R.James.
Their new show, Casting the Runes, is a fresh take on the writer's most famous story, following scholar and sceptic Edward Dunning, whose life becomes a waking nightmare when he crosses paths with the enigmatic Mr. Karswell. In a desperate race for survival, Dunning must uncover the truth before Karswell's mysterious powers claim another victim.
Our advice? Don't go alone!
'Casting the Runes'
Saturday 28th February @ 7.30 p.m.
Box Tale Soup  
Casting the Runes is a brand new adaptation written by the company, featuring an original soundtrack created for the show and Box Tale Soup's signature blend of handmade props, puppetry and innovative theatre. Performers Noel and Antonia have appeared in shows such as Doctor Who, HBO's Game of Thrones, BBC's The Hour and CBBC's Mission 2110.
“They are wonderful.”  The Times

“Two multi-skilled performers of great virtuosity, charm and resourcefulness.”  Michael Pennington
Voodoo Room are a new and exciting Classic Power Trio, paying tribute to both “Hendrix” & “Cream.”
Their programme features some of the U.K.'s finest music as they perform a world class show in total appreciation of those two massive pioneers from the world of classic blues/rock.

The trio is made up of Pete Orr - guitar and vocals, John Tonks - drums, Andy Tolman - bass.
Voodoo Room
Friday, 23rd January
The standard of musicianship was very high, and it was clear how this band’s CV has many top names from Jack Bruce, Eric Clapton to Duran Duran, Sting, Stevie Winwood and more. Voodoo Room present a very effective tribute to Jimi Hendrix and Cream without turning to pantomime. It was without doubt an outstanding performance of the songs of legend. As their website says “A celebration of pure power trio class” and indeed it was.  Andrew Lathan - Blues In The South Magazine.

Absolutely  phenomenal.... If you’re a fan of Hendrix or Cream you will be blown away”
                                                       - Michelle Ward. Phoenix FM.

“Really excellent show, great touch, tone feel and grooves - Cream & Hendrix refortified!"
                                           - Pete Feenstra. The Boom Boom Club, London.

“Close your eyes  and you could well believe you were listening to the  original artist”  - Bridgwater Arts Centre
Perform Jimi Hendrix & Cream
Full £10, Concessions £9, Friends of the Granary £8
My Cue Productions specialise in the retelling of stories by Victorian and Gothic authors. This is a two person adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic tale. Sherlock Holmes - 'He was running, Watson, running desperately, running for his life, running until he burst his heart and fell dead upon his face'
'The Hound of the Baskervilles’
Friday, 6th March
My Cue Productions
Tickets Full £10, Concessions £9, Friends of the
The play is based on the restoration of the oyster dredger 'Priscilla' within the Pioneer Sailing Trust 'Land and Sea' project. Its 2014 and fifty-year-old Mo is restoring the oyster dredger recovered from the mud of the river.  He's hardly old school-he likes Amy Winehouse too much-but his heart lies in 30 feet of rotting decking. He leads trainees in replacing those timbers to bring the boat back to life until Kasey, a young intern, challenges Mo's concept of restoration. Can it really be called restoration when so little of the waterlogged wood remains ? Oysters is a tale of sex, bivalve molluscs and marine engineering versus macro economics and the smallest virus known to man.
Tuesday, 17th March - All Seats £10
Eastern Angles
Last year Roger and his wife Mary had an exhibition cruise to Northern Japan, the Kuril Islands and the Kamchatka Peninsula experiencing the wildlife and scenery of this sub-Arctic and remote part of the North Pacific.
'The Russian Far East’
Friday, 27th March - All Seats £5
Roger Townsin
With a slideshow of
Remember ‘Canada Boys’ by Rob John?  This is his latest story.
Set in war-time Norfolk, Parachute explores the relationship between an American airman and the members of a farming family who welcome him into their home.

Brash, garrulous, charming, with a limitless supply of oranges and chewing gum 2nd Lt Jimmy Finch, a navigator on a B24 heavy bomber, is welcomed into the Cubitts’ home but are his intentions honourable and will his arrival damage the fragile relationships of the family at Box Farm?
Thursday, 2nd April
Tickets £12.50,  £10 under 18s.
What they said about ‘Canada Boys’

'A great success, the play was wonderful. Congratulations. Lovely to share a nugget of Norfolk history.'
Hannah Claxton

'Just back from fEast Theatre's production of The Canada Boys brilliantly performed and written - Norfolk dialect included! Highly recommend it.' FOND of Norfolk

'I highly recommend seeing The Canada Boys at The Garage tonight. Excellent funny play by Rob John and with an incredible cast.' Daniel Fridd

'Overheard people coming out saying, 'You wouldn't see anything better in London! Absolutly agree.'
Sue Sharpe. Aylsham Festival

You can also read Carla’s review on our Reviews of Previous Productions page
Supported by Creative Arts East
Inspired by the Inspector Morse novels of Colin Dexter, this play was written for the stage by Alma Cullen, author of several episodes of the original T.V. series which starred the late John Thaw.
The play opens with a performance of Shakespeare's Hamlet, a young actress playing Ophelia dies suddenly mid-performance. Inspector Morse is immediately on the scene, having been in the audience. The stage is cordoned off, and becomes a fully fledged murder scene.
'House of Ghosts’
Tuesday & Wednesday, 7th & 8th April
Baroque Theatre Company
Tickets Full £10, Concessions £9   
“Standing as I do in view of God and eternity, I realise that patriotism is not enough. I must have no hatred or bitterness towards anyone.”

It is 1915. English nurse, Edith Cavell, has been captured by the Germans and accused of treason. She is facing seventy days of interrogation and trial. Surely the Germans will not execute a woman?

Yet, Edith Cavell is facing another trial, alone in her cell. Seventy days alone with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Alone with the only person who knows who Edith Cavell really is – herself.

Edith Cavell is facing the silence.

Can she find meaning in both her trials, discovering who she is and why she lived while defending compassion in the face of total war?
'Edith Cavell - Facing the Silence’
Thursday, 9th April
Broad Horizons
Tickets Full £10, Concessions £9, Friends of the Granary £8   
This exciting new play with music - written by John Mangan and performed by Judi Daykin - is a joyous, life-affirming celebration of a woman whose trailblazing life will never be forgotten.
Sean Moyses has been playing banjo since he was eleven years old, encouraged by his family who all played music. He mastered the ukulele, mandolin, five-string banjo, plectrum banjo, guitar and uke-banjo and as well as playing folk, country, bluegrass and acoustic music, developed a love for jazz and swing music of the 1920's and 1930's.
   His ambition of playing with the famous Pasadena Roof Orchestra soon became a reality and with them he has performed major concerts, television and radio broadcasts not only in England, but in the Netherlands, France, Spain and Germany too. He has performed musical comedy with the hilarious Bob Kerr's Whoopee Band and visited over fifteen countries in six years doing concerts in true Spike Jones City Slickers style.
The Banjo World of
Sunday, 12th April - 3pm
  He is a member of Rod Mason's Hot Five and has guested with such notable bands as The Barrelhouse Jazzband, Papa Bue's Viking Jazzband, Joe Wulf's Gentlemen of Swing, The Best of British Jazz Gala, The Aces of Syncopation, Rolf Wagemann's European Top Eight concerts and has appeared in both the USA and Japan. Sean owns an original VegaVox 4 banjo from his idol "The King of the Banjo" Mr. Eddie Peabody and endorses Pietsch Banjos.
Sean Moyses
All tickets £7.50
What do you get if you mix George Formby, Sheps' Banjo Boys, The Temperance Seven and Pasadena Roof Orchestra with good clean humour? Sean Moyses is one of Europe's top banjo players. His music is unique, quirky, foot taping and fun.
Set in the 1830’s in the supposedly peaceful village of Burnham Market in North Norfolk the play explores the story of Catherine Frary and Frances Billings, the last women to be hanged in Norfolk and whose execution was the last public, double execution in England. Frary and Billings were found guilty of several murders by administering arsenic to their hapless victims, this lethal substance was frequently disguised in dumplings.

Seen through the eyes of the two murderesses, the audience will witness the dramatic events that led to their execution in 1835. Why would two married mothers carry out such horrific crimes? Who were the other players in this tragic game and was the ‘Witch of Wells’ more involved than contemporary accounts would have us believe?

Written by Cordelia Spence, the Artistic Director of ‘ Stuff of Dreams’ and one of the authors of ‘Love Left Hanging’, and Tim Lane, a Norwich based Actor, Teacher and Musician, ‘The Poisoners’ Pact’  is the company’s third original play and will be their fifth production. The company is going from strength to strength and has a fast growing reputation for producing and touring high quality, lively, engaging theatre that delight’s and moves audiences. The company continue to revisit events from East Anglia’s past, bringing them alive for contemporary audiences.
'The Poisoners’ Pact’
Friday, 17th April
The Stuff of Dreams Theatre Company
Tickets Full £10, Concessions £9, Friends of the Granary £8   
Lewis Schaffer was one of the top comics in the home of stand up comedy, New York City, as house MC at the Comedy Cellar and the Boston Comedy Club in Greenwich Village.
A short visit to London in 2000 went very wrong when love and marriage took him from his beloved New York and gave him children, divorce and heartache in the UK.
Now trapped in a multi-occupancy council flat in Nunhead, a suburb of Peckham, Lewis Schaffer is making the worst of a bad situation.
Lewis Schaffer combines the comedy of Joan Rivers and Jackie Mason with the relevance of the freshest British comedians. His free wheeling style is often described as 'jazz'  and he makes every show different and thrilling. He has been comic in residence at the Leicester Square Theatre
Free Until Famous
Friday, 24th April
“Schaffer is disconcertingly terrific. He is compelling, unique and most of all unpredictable.”
Bruce Dessau, London Evening Standard

“An hour with Lewis Schaffer is an hilarious, cathartic, exhilaratingly appalling experience.”
Kate Copstick, ITV & The Scotsman
“Schaffer’s dry, acerbic style is exhilarating to watch. It’s a bloody good laugh and unlike anything else on the comedy circuit. Go see Lewis Schaffer.”
Time Out London

“Almost every laugh he gives us he tops with another, bigger laugh. I would pay to see Lewis Schaffer.”  The Scotsman
Lewis Schaffer
Free admission, a voluntary collection will be taken at the end of the show.
A stunning new adaptation of Aristophanes' famous comedy. Lysistrata is the one woman brave enough to take men on at their own gamemen: outright war. The battle of the sexes starts as Lysistrata persuades all Greek women to withhold any sexual practices from their menfolk, in return for the end of the ongoing war.
Join Theatrical Niche as they stage this outrageous and visually stunning new version. Physical Comedy, Puppetry and Mask Work take centre stage.
Thursday, 30th April
Theatrical Niche
Tickets Full £10, Concessions £9, Friends of the Granary £8 , Students £5

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