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Saturday, 16th August
Steve Barclay’s “One  Man”
Variety Music Hall Show
DANNY LA RUE knew a thing or two about show business, and STEVE BARCLAY spent many years working alongside the legendary star. Steve's personal experiences of teaming up with Danny - and a host of other top-line performers - has seen him hone his craft in comedy, cabaret and variety and as a corporate and cruise-liner entertainer. Steve Barclay worked with the legendary star for many years as Danny’s supporting comedian on his many summer seasons and UK tours working in Danny’s long running show Danny’s Dazzling Music Hall Show, The Good Old Day’s and ‘Four for the road’. Whilst Steve was working with Danny he made his first appearance at the Leeds City Varieties home of the famous ‘Good Old Days’.

Since then of course Steve has been a regular feature at the venue paying tribute to MAX MILLER, GEORGE FORMBY, KEN DODD and TWO TON TESSIE O’SHEA, working with Ted Rodgers, Jimmy Cricket, Ray Allen, and as many a music hall chairman has said ’ a melange of Music Hall favourites’.
Thursday, 11th September
Tea & Tenacity Theatre Company
First Do No Harm
 by Hilary Spiers

'First Do No Harm' has been shortlisted by the Ronald Duncan Playwriting Competition.

Against the backdrop of the suffragist movement and England on the brink of war, Harold and Maud Leggett arrive in a small market town in the Cambridgeshire Fens where Harold is to practise as the town’s only ‘Panel’ doctor, under Lloyd George’s controversial health and welfare reforms. The established medical fraternity, led by the redoubtable Dr Ridgeway, is firmly opposed to the new system and soon Harold and Ridgeway, both combative, both driven by personal ideology, are at loggerheads. The consequences are catastrophic.

Meanwhile, Maud, who has reluctantly left her suffragist colleagues behind in London, befriends Dr Ridgeway’s wife Rachel and is soon unsettling the established mores by questioning the place of women in society.
This powerful, fast-moving play by playwright Hilary Spiers dramatises a forgotten corner of history, charting the huge personal and societal cost of establishing a national healthcare service and securing universal suffrage.  
Davey Arthur is renowned as one of Ireland’s best-loved and most successful musicians with over 40 of his compositions being recorded and performed by some of the world’s finest artists and bands.

Davey has thrilled audiences world-wide with his skill and artistry as a musician and his performances on Tenor Banjo are legendary and have earned him global acclaim throughout his career and a place in the Irish Music Hall of Fame in Dublin, alongside such other illustrious artists as U2, Sinéad O’Connor, The Chieftains and Clannad.  

Although still touring widely with The Fureys (for over 35 years), Davey also tours with his youngest son, Patrick, and together they deliver some inspiring folk/Celtic music and song.
Saturday, 6th & Sunday, 7th September
An Evening with
Davey Arthur and Son
By popular request, Davey always includes some of The Fureys well-loved songs, such as:
"The Red Rose Cafe", "When you were sweet sixteen" and “Green Fields of France”.
Davey has warmth, charm and a delightful sense of humour and is renowned as a great raconteur with that Irish gift for storytelling.
“Last night was a great success.  The whole town has been buzzing about it.  It was a pleasure to have Davey and Patrick play.  Outstanding!  The crowd loved them”.  Lounge Ceol, Altrincham
“Davey Arthur....had the crowd stamping and calling for more and brought a standing ovation.”   Salisbury Journal

“It was a fab night. Went down really well”. Dorking Folk Club

“Cool - He is a lovely guy”. Sue Marchant - BBC Radio Cambridgeshire
 Friday, 26th September
Marina Florance
Marina Florance's EP 'my own little piece of the sky' has been receiving lots of attention with 'The Moon' from the EP being played BBC 6 Music. The EP has also been nominated for various awards.

Marina's song 'Cry' won the oldie composers song writing comp and the song sung by actor Anthony Head, was voted in to the top 4 by Radio 2 DJs including Sir Terry Wogan, Bob Harris & Ken Bruce.
"a wonderful singer songwriter, Marina's original version of 'Cry' was beautiful, she has got an amazing voice." Anthony Head (Buffy/Merlin Actor)

“Marina can turn her voice from an almost deep south growl to torch singer, flooding a song with a real sense of personality as though each song has a voice of its own”  Neil King FATEA magazine
She is becoming increasing popular with her live performances, including the London Folk and Roots Festival, Cambridge Folk Festival and Reepham Folk Festival.
Make sure you get your tickets early!
Read this article and listen at Music vs The World
Ben Smith
Ben started playing the guitar when he was nine years old. He actually wanted to play the banjo, but due to the lack of banjo teachers in rural Hertfordshire he started to learn the guitar, with the intention of switching to the banjo at a later date. That still hasn't happened...

Shortly after starting to play he was introduced to the sounds of B.B King, and never looked back.
With a style that is influenced by the greats of the blues, funk, country, folk and beyond, Ben plays a pretty mean acoustic or electric guitar, and has a big voice to match. After years playing many gigs and sessions in many styles, with many different bands and people, Ben was inspired by a 3 month stay in New Orleans, (where he got a chance to play with a host of internationally renowned musicians.) to go out on his own, (or at least under his own name) with a line up of co-conspirators, including some old faces and some new ones, playing funky acoustic shows and full blown electric get downs. He also finally got round to doing some solo gigs.
Things are going pretty well, recently Ben has supported blues legend Robert Cray, country icon Albert Lee, Joan Armatrading, Royal Southern Brotherhood and Matt Schofield.
Friday, 3rd October
Captain Murderer
based on the marvellously macabre tale
by Charles Dickens
The well-to-do gentleman of the title is a serial wooer … but all his brides come to a deliciously sticky end. When he turns his attentions to twin sisters, however, he finds the tables turned on himself in a fiendish act of revenge!
Last Autumn's THE GHOST SHIP! was “masterly … an evening to send shivers up your spine and a chill to your bonesDerbyshire Times while THE HAUNTED BRIDE was “ fantastic … the audience jumped out of their skin” The Public Reviews ... CAPTAIN MURDERER guarantees another generous helping of the same!
“Rumpus know better than many how to please an audience” Times
Rumpus Theatre Company
A chilling new play .....
Friday, 7th & Saturday, 8th November
Seen through the eyes of Dr. Watson, literature’s favourite quirky detective is infused with the spirit of a crotchety Ebenezer Scrooge in this festive Victorian theatrical treat.  

After failed attempts by Dr. Watson to cheer Holmes into celebrating the holiday season, the unrepentant, ill-tempered detective is forced to deduce the facts and solve the most important mystery of his life – past, present and future. Experience a magical mix of Dickens and Doyle …

You won’t want to miss this cheery, insightful and hilarious journey with some of literature’s best.
Audience and Reviewer Quotes:
“Sherlock Holmes and the case of the Christmas Carol is simply breath-taking. The superb quality of the acting, backed up with an incredible array of technical sound and lighting and top notch Direction make this one a 'must see' show”.
“I cannot recommend this show highly enough.”
“I can only highly recommend that you give this show a visit yourself. It is a very enjoyable play, fantastic dialogue, a strong cast and some of the finest moments I have ever enjoyed in a theatre.”
This award-winning Modern Blues power trio are fast becoming one of the must see Blues/Rock acts on the UK circuit today!
Known for their high energy shows and featuring three top musicians including both an award winning guitarist and drummer, this is a concert not to be missed! "The best thing I've seen and heard for many years!"

Releasing their debut album “Issues” on Blues Matters Magazine’s label; KrossBorder Rekords, they have also released a live album “Live From The Front”. A second studio album is slated for a summer 2014 release.

Absolution are thrilling audiences across the UK, including a blistering set at the Great British Rock & Blues festival and repeat bookings at London’s prestigious 100 Club and Embassy Clubs. The band has also shared stages with Dr Feelgood, Larry Miller, Danny Bryant, King King and Simon McBride amongst others!
Friday, 12th December
Absolution romped away with two prizes at the 2013 WRC Awards;
‘Ones To Watch’ and ‘Best Guitar Solo’.

"Exceptional Musicianship!" R2 Magazine
"Blues flawlessness. These guys are incredible musicians!” Blues Rock Review (USA)
"Great blues-rock band. Well worth catching!" BBC Radio
“Exceptional Set!” Cambridge Rock Festival
"A Blues band for the 21st Century! Blues Rock as it should be - high octane with a real kick!" FATEA Magazine
"The real deal!" Rock Society
A fourth performance at The Granary Theatre for this highly original fiddle, flute and guitar trio.  Pennyless will take you from Olde England, through Ireland, Scotland and across the water to Old Timey America, with lively traditional tunes on a variety of acoustic instruments.
Sprinkled in amongst the instrumentals are original songs from their three albums with touches of medieval minstrel beat, and quirky tales of pirates, moths and tree spirits.  
Pennyless have recently released their third album "Tales from the Tulgey Wood" to critical acclaim.  Inspired by Jabberwocky and introducing new and mysterious characters from English folklore, they have been likened to Incredible String Band meets Mike Oldfield in psych-folk style.  Penny Stevens on fiddle, Les Woods on guitar and Graham Dale on a bewildering array of instruments from whistle to xaphoon, melodica to flute, cajon to caval.

"Fabulous! Very charming and enchanting" Sue Marchant BBC radio
Saturday, 29th November
Sunday, 16th November
Winter Wilson
With 6 critically-acclaimed albums to their name, Winter Wilson are known across the UK acoustic music scene for their fine original songs, stunning harmonies and off-the-wall humour.
Kip Winter’s voice is simply one of the best in the business, delivering power and emotion in equal measure (described by one promoter as “from melting to belting”). In the past she has sung everything from jazz to opera, but is at her best and happiest when singing folk and blues.
Described by the great John Tams (Sharpe, Warhorse) as a “magnificent” songwriter, Dave Wilson is now recognised as one of the best on the English acoustic scene, with his songs covered by some of folk’s “greats” including Vin Garbutt. Add to this a mellow, relaxed singing style and some mean guitar playing.
Put these two together and you get great songs, beautifully sung and much laughter – a performance guaranteed to deliver superb entertainment.
“In 30 years of listening to folk music, I have never heard two voices blend so perfectly together”
David Aird Chairman Glenfarg Folk Club
"Your writing is magnificent, your settings and playing equal to that and the both of you sing with rare assured passion that I oft think has gone. It's a rare gift you have - cherish it mightily."   John Tams
 Director, Gate to Southwell Folk Festival "Two people in perfect harmony, vocally, musically and emotionally....a festival organiser's dream."
Mike Kirrage
"Not just another duo - Winter Wilson really are something special" Chris Hawkins BBC Radio 6 Music
Following on from their highly successful touring show “A Victorian Christmas”, acclaimed historical entertainment company Blast from the Past now delve further back in time to bring you “A Medieval Christmas”. Featuring long-forgotten festive songs (plus some surprisingly familiar carols!) played on authentic instruments such as cittern, bagpipes and shawm, this celebration of Yuletide Past is sure to warm the hearts of young and old.
Christmas in the Middle Ages was very different from the celebration that we know today – yet many of our Yuletide customs stem from this period, such as carol singing and kissing under the mistletoe. “A Medieval Christmas” explores the origins of some of these practices. It also sheds light on some slightly less pleasant Christmas customs such as the festive game of ‘The Smoking of the Fool’ not to mention the annual ‘Beating of the Children’!
The medieval period is also famous for its tales of magic and adventure, and “A Medieval Christmas” pays homage to this tradition by presenting two of Geoffrey Chaucer’s best-loved Canterbury Tales in all their finery – one of them complete with animal masks and costumes!

“The ideal festive show” Exeter Daily
“Brilliant!”  The York Press
“A memorable and atmospheric start to the festive season…. wonderful!’” Lichfield Arts

“A Medieval Christmas” is the ideal festive show for anyone looking to recapture the simple Yuletide pleasures of music, song, tales, mirth and fellowship.
Thursday, 4th December
Lots more to come - keep checking back with us
Friday 17th October
lncluding classical works by Mozart, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Debussy, Satie, songs by Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Scott McKenzie, The Byrds, Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Neil Young and more recent others, modern classical works by John Taverner, Michael Nyman, Philip Glass and Ludovico Einaudi.
Experienced performing pianist Christine will talk about her lifelong love of the piano, illustrating with music each phase of the journey from her first piano lesson aged five, through her career as a schools music teacher to the present day, now professionally producing albums of her own interpretations of the beautiful and inspiring piano music of the world’s leading virtuoso pianist/composer Ludovico Einaudi.

Christine is privileged to be personally acquainted with the composer following his support of her first album ‘The Calm of Einaudi’ which raises funds for UK Cancer Charities and research.
The evening will conclude with Christine revealing to the audience how her association with Einaudi came about, describing her experience of chatting with the man himself and giving an insight into how his music revitalised her life as a pianist.
Bring along your flowery hippie hats and join in with all the songs you remember. Lyrics sheets will be provided.
A Piano Concert of music old, new and somewhere-in-between
Playing For Pink
‘Smile! Smile! Smile!‘, the latest show by acclaimed historical musicians Blast from the Past has been especially created to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. Blast from the Past use music and song to tell the story of ‘The War to End All Wars’.

‘Smile! Smile! Smile!‘ is a scintillating mixture of soldiers’ songs, music hall numbers, war poems set to new music and original compositions. The show does not flinch from conveying the full horror of the first global conflict but also celebrates the courage and humour of the tommies under fire and the folks at home.

Featuring a host of singalong wartime standards such as ‘Pack Up Your Troubles’, ’Tipperary’ and ‘Goodbye-ee’ as well a host of other great songs – ‘Smile! Smile! Smile!‘ is the perfect way of remembering the sacrifice of our forebears while enjoying a great evening out!
Friday, 31st October
Blast from the Past
Paul Carroll (Accordion), Jack Burge (Guitar/Violin/Vocals), Andy Lawrenson (Violin/Guitar/Vocals). 
Paul is a highly qualified and award winning musician who has completed such diverse projects as touring with Les Dawson, writing music for Tommy Docherty, Chrysalis, Hodder & Stoughton, BBC2, many Edinburgh Fringe shows and performed from the Blackpool Opera House, British Forces Abroad to all the major Park Lane Hotels.
Jack is the youngest member of the band, whose prodigious talent was recognised and developed early, He was trained by Bradley Creswick, leader of the Royal Northern Sinfonia before studying at the Royal Northern Music College.
Andy is a veteran of the North East music scene, and has worked with guitarist Ian Carr, Celebrated Jazz composer and musician Keith Morris, and has trod the boards with such artists as Richard Thompson, Ali Bain, Elvis Costello, in addition to being a celebrity on Bulgarian national TV!
Together, TRIO GITAN create a world class show of dynamism, poignancy, outrageous skill and down to earth good fun that is second to none!
TRIO GITAN will take you on a journey like no other: from Classical Music to Klezmer, Poignant Russian songs to Parisian Swing, compositions new to Celtic Fiddling - this band has it all! Sizzling violin duets that will have you on the edge of your seat if you are not already up and dancing. Crafted improvisations, complex and accomplished, yet full of bubbling life with spontaneous dynamic interplay between violin, guitar, accordion and vocals from these maestro musicians.
Trio Gitan
Saturday, 4th October
Highly regarded Scottish songwriter and leading fingerstyle guitarist. An award-winning songwriter and an inspiring, poetic lyricist, his distinctive guitar playing is steeped in the history of the folk, blues and celtic traditions and is complemented by a rich, powerful and compelling vocal. Having performed to critical acclaim in esteemed venues and festivals all over Europe, Simon’s recorded output has received rave reviews nationwide. An intense performer, and an incredibly talented musician Simon’s beautifully crafted folk-tinged songs transport the listener on a uniquely Scottish journey.

'Intelligent, passionate and highly original.'  - fROOTS magazine
'Highly Recommended'  - Iain Anderson, BBC Radio Scotland
Simon Kempston
Friday, 10th October
The show takes a chronological journey through the career and friendship of Simon and Garfunkel. From their first hit as 'Tom & Jerry', through to their breakup the show features all the greatest hits such as, Mrs Robinson, Homeward Bound, Bridge Over Troubled Water and many many more.
'The show is most authentic sounding show of it’s kind. With incredible live performances bound together with video clips, audio snippets and imagery the show is both powerful and moving. With narration taken from the Victoria Kingston book ‘Simon & Garfunkel – The Definitive Biography’, the show touches on the highs and lows of an incredible friendship and career. “Unique and slick! A must see show” - BBC Radio, Suffolk
Hear first hand from people who have been to see the show: 
“I found myself listening to hypnotic and note perfect guitar playing two voices that blend so perfectly that you get lost trying to follow one or the other and find yourself totally immersed in the music” Sarah-Jane, Bath
“Tonight I felt as though I was really hearing Simon & Garfunkel. A great performance of those exquisite songs.” Lesley, Chester  
“I must say I was pretty much blown away. It was absolutely spellbinding.” Eoin, Chester
Sunday, 12th October
Simon & Garfunkel: Through The Years
Tickets: £10 , £9 Concessions, £8 Friends
Wednesday, 17th September
Must Close Productions
The perfect antidote to all those mega-musical hits, all those ‘Best of Broadway’
shows, and bringing a smile to the face of that sourpuss Mr Les Miserables …
FLOPSICAL!!! is written by the acknowledged flop expert Adrian Wright, who
stars with Anglia TV Legend Helen McDermott in this fast-moving and funny
cavalcade of great songs that got away!

From the team whose Cowards in the Wings played at the Theatre Royal Drury
Lane … professional musical theatre at its intimate best.

read more about the show at:
Thursday, 28th & Friday, 29th August

A chilling and mystifying study in mounting terror in which a small group of psychically receptive people are brought together in Hill House, a brooding, mid-Victorian mansion known as a place of evil and contained ill will. Led by the learned Dr Montague, who is conducting research into supernatural phenomena, the visitors have come to probe the secrets of the old house and draw forth the mysterious powers which it is alleged to possess - powers which have brought madness and death to those who have lived there in the past.
Matthew Preston, a flourishing musician in the art of classical music, is currently studying composition at Leeds College of Music under direction of Dr. David Fligg. He started playing piano at the age of eleven and passed his Grade Five Theory and Grade Eight Practical (ABRSM) exams within the next five years. Matthew’s interests would include analysis in Russian music from the late 19th to early 20th century, particularly in the works of Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev and Stravinsky. As part of his composition course he has organised a portfolio of arrangements for piano duet, (four hands and two pianos) including the first movements of Antonin Dvořák’s Serenade for Wind Instruments, Béla Bartóks String Quartet No.4 and Michael Tippett’s Concerto for Double String Orchestra.

The evening will consist of some of the most well-known classical pieces in the piano repertoire. Expect to hear works from Mozart and Chopin through to Janáček and Rachmaninoff, plus many more. This unique selection of piano works will introduce the light-hearted music of Mozart, with its humorous and playful nature, through to the heart-wrenching music of Rachmaninoff, with its luscious harmonies and painstakingly beautiful melodies. Along the way I will be diving into the characters behind the music, sharing their life stories as well as their compositional styles. You don't want to miss what is going to be a truly exciting evening of some of the greatest piano music ever written. 
Matthew Preston
in Concert
Saturday, 23rd August
Sunday, 10th August
An Evening of Country Music
Country Knights
This quartet of experienced musicians hail from the Boston Area.  They have played with Ricky Valance and have performed in Norfolk at a country festival in Watton and at the Norwich Show Ground.

The lead singer Ron Ryan has written for the Dave Clarke Five (Bits and Pieces) and continues to write for well known country stars as well as the ‘Country Knights’
Friday, 15th August
Brooks Williams

Brooks Williams is the proverbial triple threat. He plays a fiery guitar, has a rich and silky voice, and writes hook-laden songs. He is one of the most commanding performers on the acoustic roots scene, walking the line between Blues and Americana, he is ranked one of the world’s Top 100 Acoustic Guitarists.
The San Antonio Light says that Williams is a “fret monster who has to be seen to be believed!” For 25 years he has been wowing audiences worldwide, every night delivering the deepest and most intense interpretations of everything from early blues to inventive covers to his own recent original compositions. Dirty Linen calls him one of “America’s musical treasures.”
Named one of the Top 100 Acoustic Guitarists, with over 17 recordings to his name and 23 years on the road, this Statesboro Georgia (USA) native and Cambridge (UK) resident is one of the premier singer/guitarists on the Roots n’ Blues scene. From Belfast to Boston, London to Austin, Toronto to Istanbul, Brooks Williams has been wowing audiences worldwide with his silky voice and rockin’ acoustic and resonator slide guitars, every night delivering the deepest and most intense interpretations of everything from early blues songs to his recent original compositions.
“Definitely one of the best things I have heard this year.” Blues In The Northwest
“…classy, tasteful, bright, and hugely enjoyable!" Blues Matters
"How soulful a solo guitarist can be when he has talent, taste and astonishing technique."  Blues Revue
A fundraising concert in aid of East Anglia's Children's Hospices
Tickets: £10 full - £9 Friends of the Granary
The Sheringham Shantymen are one of the best known and highly regarded maritime singing groups in the UK. The group perform all over the country and overseas.
Since 1990 the group has completed almost 1,000 public performances, made three videos and recorded 5 CD's, the sales of which have enabled The Sheringham Shantymen to donate £5,000 to £6,000 each year split between the RNLI and local charities.
Visit their website for lots more information
Sheringham Shantymen
in Concert
Friday, 22nd August
Tickets available from T.I.C. Office only
Saturday, 19th July
D.O.T. Productions
School for Husbands
"The School for Husbands" is a satirical comedy by Molière, a French playwright who is often considered to be one of Western literature's great masters of comedy, and originally performed in Paris in 1661.

The story is comical, with plotlines following sisters, suitors, and unrequited love.

The plot centres around the suitors of two sisters. One suitor, Sganarelle, is controlling and overbearing of his intended wife, Isabella. The other suitor, Ariste, treats his intended wife, Léonor more as an equal. Ariste finds success in his pursued relationship, while Sganarelle fails miserably. So much so, in fact that that he is unwittingly used by Isabella in seeking her preferred courter, Valère.
Sheringham Shantymen
in Concert
The Sheringham Shantymen are one of the best known and highly regarded maritime singing groups in the UK. The group perform all over the country and overseas.
Since 1990 the group has completed almost 1,000 public performances, made three videos and recorded 5 CD's, the sales of which have enabled The Sheringham Shantymen to donate £5,000 to £6,000 each year split between the RNLI and local charities.
Visit their website for lots more information
Friday, 18th July
Tickets available from T.I.C. Office only
Saturday, 12th July
Lesley Curtis
& her Band
Lesley spent a number of years working in a variety of rock and pop bands touring Europe and the UK, including the challenging North East and Yorkshire club circuits.

She has worked as a sessions singer both in live and studio environments and has recorded for The Real World, Comstock Records, Martin Knott & the Old School Recording Studio, Rhythm Academy, Slick City Music Productions, Paradigm Productions, Simon Sumner, BBC local radio and BFBS radio amongst others.

Always driven to push herself further creatively, Lesley turned to song-writing. This focus really ignited a hitherto undiscovered skill and passion and she released her debut album "Shock Delayed" to critical acclaim.
Building on the success of this debut album, Lesley has now released her keenly awaited follow up album "Naked", and her new single “Before She Walked A Mile” is proving really successful, being played in over 30 radio stations worldwide. Lesley and her band will performing a selection of songs from her new album which is a dynamic blend of original folk, country and bluesy rock - a tasty slice of America plus a few covers by bands such as Fleetwood Mac.

Her music is an original blend of English folk, country and bluesy rock.
Local trumpet player Simon Nelson formed DixieMix in 2006. Interested in playing the earlier forms of jazz, Simon could hear that in their heyday the output of the Alex Welsh band and the Barber, Ball and Bilk bands  was far superior to the majority of traditional and Dixieland jazz on offer today. Simon and co-leader Chris Wigley set out to make DixieMix one of the most entertaining and musicianly bands performing their favourite music. The band quickly gained popularity and has a full gig list including some very prestigious engagements up and down the country. Not set in a musical time-warp, they are inspired by classic New Orleans recordings from the time of King Oliver, but are just as happy to include work by Louis Jordan and the post war jump- jive bands. Dixiemix enjoy playing for established jazz audiences and also are equally at home letting rip with an entertaining show, creating a feel-good factor designed to please everyone.

Since the band was formed, the DixieMix personnel has hardly changed.  
They have an enviable mix of youth and experience to back up their musical skills. John Benson on double bass has toured the world for 25 years with the Kenny Ball band. Pete Oxborough has a career spanning almost 50 years playing clarinet and saxophone with the best bands in the South East and has accompanied some very famous visitors during that time. Simon has also made some appearances with "The Stars of British Jazz" – a recently formed band made up of some influential musicians from the traditional jazz boom of the 1960s.

They have recorded three CDs two of which are currently available "Nelson's Revenge" and hot off the press "Please Form An Orderly Queue".

DixieMix is Simon Nelson – cornet, vocals, Chris Wigley – trombone, Peter Oxborough – clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax, Kevin West – banjo, guitar, John Benson – bass, vocals  and Tony Wilkins – drums, vocals

DixieMix Jazz Band are pleased to be sponsored by Woodforde’s Norfolk Ales
Friday, 25th July
DixieMix Jazz Band
Saturday, 28th June
Sounds of The 60’s

Recreating the look and the sounds of the sixties with songs by the Beatles, Stones, Who, Spencer Davis, Kinks ,Small Faces, Elvis, Cliff, Ben E King, Searchers, Brian Poole, Booker T, Monkees,
Troggs, Wilson Pickett, Dion, Deep Purple, Eddie Cochran, Equals, Nancy Sinatra, Dave Clark Five, Manfred Mann, Chris Montez, Animals, Chris Beck plus a little Rock n Roll.

It’s sure to be a rockin’ evening!

The 6T’s played to a full house in 2012 so make sure you book early for 2013!
East Anglia’s Premier 60’s Band
In the Maltings Hall, next to the Granary Theatre
Tickets: £10.00
Thursday 31st July 2.30 and 7.30 p.m. £10 Preview shows.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 1st, 2nd and 3rd August 2.30 and 7.30 p.m. £14
Cosi Fan Tutte
Saturday, 14th June

In Voice and Verse are actor Lance Pierson with soprano Belinda Yates (accompanied by pianist Heather Chamberlain). They have been touring regularly for the last couple of years with shows similar to the "Flanders and Swann" and "Newhart and Lehrer" revivals.
2014 is Shakespeare's 450th birthday and the show brings together a highlights package of his best work (his greatest hits). It's a similar concept to the Reduced Shakespeare Company but with the addition of the wonderful music his words have inspired including popular hits (Somewhere - "West Side Story" and "I Hate Men" - Kiss Me Kate).
In Voice and Verse
Shakespeare's Greatest Hits
Friday, 6th June
A modern day string band with a sound like no other.  
You may have seen them performing on streets, at festivals, in beer gardens, at weddings, in pubs, in gardens, at parties.  Some of their influences include but are no way limited to the following artists:
Johnny Cash, The Specials, The Pogues, The Waterboys, Van Morrison, Free, Steve Earle, Crooked Still, Bill Monroe, Bad Company, The Buzzcocks, Bad News, The Dublinners, Old Crow Medicine Show, The Tiger Lillies, Bad Manners,  The Stranglers, The Clash, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Bob Seger, Alison Krauss, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bob Dylan, Dolly Parton, and Kasey Chambers.
The Dog Days of Summer
A fundraising event in aid of East Anglia's Children's Hospices
Tickets £10 full - £9 Friends of the Granary
Tuesday, 27th May
MIRANDA SYKES & REX PRESTON have a unique connection - which is a pleasure to listen to and plain to see when they share a stage together.

MIRANDA SYKES is well known as the third member of SHOW OF HANDS. She is one of the few female double bassists in England & is an accomplished singer in her own right. Miranda holds her audience spellbound: it is the emotional quality of her voice that makes her musical partnership with Rex so engaging, rather than the novelty of such an unusual musical pairing as the double bass & mandolin.

REX PRESTON has a reputation as a fine & imaginative mandolin player and is a leading light in a new wave of British Bluegrass musicians. He is a rising star in mandolin-playing circles and with 20 years of playing behind him, he possesses a wonderfully sensitive musicality and a dexterous, flamboyant playing style.

The rare fusion of double bass & mandolin makes for one of the most exciting new pairings on the acoustic roots scene. Miranda & Rex interweave timeless, well chosen covers with one or two Preston originals. Their backgrounds, as well as skilful instrumentation & warm engaging vocals have shaped their unique sound.
Miranda Sykes & Rex Preston
"A real cracker." – Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2
"A musical partnership made in heaven. Scintillating, sensitive and brilliant." - fROOTS
"Rex Preston is one of the new generation of brilliant virtuoso instrumentalists raising the bar. A tremendous player." PHIL BEER, SHOW OF HANDS
"From the first few notes you know that this is something special." - FOLKING.COM

Tickets £10
Saturday, 17th May
Second Side
Love Steals Us From Loneliness...
A night out. Friends, alcohol, a rubbish club, a strop - the usual. But tonight is different. Tonight will change things forever.
A play about the stupid things you do when you’re young and f**ked.
Set in Great Yarmouth, Love Steals Us from Loneliness explores growing up, being a teenager, the horrible things we do to each other and the ways in which life can surprise you.
Love Steals Us From Loneliness is about a love triangle between two boys and a girl. Catrin, is in a long term relationship with Lee, a boorish but attractively vulnerable jackass. Scott is Lee's sensitive best friend, and he's in love with Catrin - only she thinks he's gay. It's a love triangle that may lead to tragedy and explores how we deal with the consequences of our own actions and those of others.
“Relatable,Sharp and human. One of Gary Owen's most stunning pieces yet” Buzz Magazine

The performance contains language and themes that some  people may  find offensive.
Wednesday, 25th June & Wednesday, 2nd July
Gary Jay
Elvis in Vegas
Elvis Presley’s outstanding voice, good looks, and breathtaking performance, endeared him to millions, and never before, or since, has any performer captured the world’s attention in such a way.
Globally Elvis sold in excess of 1 billion records, making him the highest selling artist of all time. Despite this, he is still most fondly remembered for his record breaking live concerts in Las Vegas, a staggering series of 837 consecutive sell-out concerts between 1969 and 1976.
Gary Jay’s charismatic performance reproduces a “live” Vegas Concert with awesome accuracy, both vocally, and characteristically. He has made numerous television appearances and is one of the most highly endorsed and respected tributes to have worked in the UK, continuing to captivate audiences nationwide, and receiving stunning reviews from many of Elvis’ closest associates. Gary has appeared alongside many international celebrities, including Elton John, Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey.
“He sounds great and will certainly bring back some memories of yours about Elvis”
Sonny West (Elvis’ friend and bodyguard, and member of The Memphis Mafia for 16 years)
“I enjoyed listening to Gary, he does a fantastic job”
DJ Fontana (Elvis’ drummer 1955 – 1968)
“Undoubtedly the leader in his field”
The Stage and Television Today
Friday 27th June
A solo piano concert
Christine Rayner
Songs of Love, Life and Inspiration
Tickets: Adults £8.00 (FoG £7.00)
  Children (8-15yrs) £4.00
Friday, 23rd & Saturday, 24th May
Based on the original characters devised by Talbot Rothwell and Sid Colin for the Frankie Howerd BBC comedy, this hilarious romp through ancient Pompeii brings back all the television favourites in this full-length play. As Lurcio attempts to deliver his prologue and begin proceedings, he’s quickly caught up in the myriad of liaisons in all quarters of his master’s house. Why does Ludicrus not leave for the Senate meeting in Rome? Why does his wife return so quickly from the country? Who will take care of the escaped slave girl, Voluptua, and will Nausius’s love poetry improve? Whilst growing chaos ensues, an increasing rumbling is heard in the distance – what could that possibly be?
A riot from start to finish!
Tickets £10 full, £9 Concessions
Saturday, 9th August &  Thursday, 18th September
Tickets £12 full Concessions available
Friday, 14th November
An Evening with
Mervyn Stutter
Mervyn Stutter is an actor, comedian, satirical songwriter, scriptwriter and has been touring the village halls of England for over 10 years now and audiences love him. He's written and starred in his own long running comedy series on both Radio 2 and Radio 4 as well as performing for many years in theatre and cabaret. This year he celebrates his 28th year at the Edinburgh Fringe where his Pick of the Fringe show has become a Fringe institution. His sometimes wicked but always affectionate sense of humour brings warmth and joy to audiences who are happy to laugh both at his life and their own as he tells stories, sings songs and pokes fun at himself and the Baby Boomer generation in a joyous 90 minute show of life affirming fun.

“Mervyn arrived a stranger to all of us but by the end of the show he felt like an old friend. Lovely personable man. Can we have him back soon?” Elmbridge

“We often say ‘the best show yet’. But this really WAS the best show yet” Peatling Magna

“Celebrating the trivial and attacking the absurd he gives us a seriously funny show” The Scotsman

“All of his songs have one thing in common - they are astute, funny, often gentle but always jam-packed with clever lyrics.”  BBC Radio Times

“Stutter is a sharp as any, as funny as any and more informed than most.” The Times

“For comedy straight from the heart they don’t come much better than Mervyn”  Edinburgh Post

Some of the funniest songs to be heard on the Fringe this year or any year for that matter”  Edinburgh Evening News
Martin Alvarado
 Así es mi Tango
Friday 9th May
Returning to the Granary Theatre, after his sold out performance there last year is Argentina's world renowned tango vocalist, Martín Alvarado who will be delivering a mesmerising evening of tango songs accompanied by another world class tango musician Claudio Constantini on piano and bandoneón (Argentine button accordian).
Alvarado has performed as a soloist at many major venues and festivals, including three times at the Shostokovich Philharmonic Hall in St Petersburg, and is widely considered to be one of the genre's finest singers, with a warm and powerful tenor voice that cuts across the language barrier with an expressive range of emotional colours.
The guitar-playing Buenos Aires troubadour has been called "the voice of tango in the 21st century". BBC Radio 3 presenters Max Reinhardt and Mary Ann Kennedy have described him as "totally mesmerising" and "completely beguiling". Last year, he was awarded the Latin UK Award for Concert by International Artist of the Year and had his last album released worldwide by one of the leading world music labels, Riverboat Records, based in the UK.
His carefully chosen and acclaimed repertoire of work features songs by some of tango's most notable poets and composers including Astor Piazzolla and Carlos Gardel - as well as some of his own  compositions.
Alvarado's live performances have a simple honesty and emotionally engaging quality combined with a relaxed and charismatic stage presence and light hearted rapport with his audiences.
As an artist, he first came to prominence in 2003 in Finland. He had been spotted the year before, singing in Barcelona for tourists and was encouraged to go to Finland to perform. Within just two months of arriving, news of his fantastic talent had spread and he was invited to perform with the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra. He has since performed as a soloist more than 400 times. This concert is part of his 27th international tour.

Although he cites his main influence in tango as the highly revered singer Rubén Juárez, as far as singing itself goes, his inspiration came from a quite different genre: British heavy metal. He is a huge fan of Glenn Hughes, former vocalist and bass player for Deep Purple, and has also been influenced musically by Stevie Wonder and Terence Trent D'Arby.
Constantini, a classically trained pianist from Peru, has accompanied Alvarado many times in Europe. He is an renowned and award-winning talent in his own right, regarded as one of the most talented bandoneón players based in Europe at the moment and has performed all over the world. This is his first time performing in the UK.
Tickets £10 full, £9 Concessions & Friends
Sunday, 27th April
The Stuff of Dreams Theatre Company
The Bricks of Burston

A new and original play by Emma Struthers and Ant Cule

A powerful and touching piece of local history by an outstanding young theatre company makes an evening to remember at The Granary with support from the arts and community development charity Creative Arts East.

1914 is rightly remembered for the outbreak of WW1, but an often unknown fact is that it was also the beginning of the longest industrial strike action in English history. Even more remarkable is that this nationally important event happened in a remote village in rural Norfolk, led by children in support of their sacked teachers.
‘The Bricks of Burston’ centres on the young couple at the heart of the strike. Tom and Annie Higdon were inspired educators, who fought to change the poverty and injustice they witnessed and give the children in their care a better chance. They were persecuted as radicals but inspired loyalty and trust from those they battled to help. ‘Stuff of Dreams Theatre Company’ captures their story in a brand new piece of compelling and beautifully crafted theatre.

A real-life History Lesson of how Norfolk children, a hundred years ago, won a war on injustice.
Saturday, 19th April
Friday, 25th April
Patrick Monahan
Cake Charmer

A welcome return this year with a new stand-up show from the comedian who likes hugging and eating cake but not simultaneously!

Hosts Sky TV's Jongleurs Live! Seen on ITV2 Fake Reaction, CBBC 12 Again, BBC1 Let's Dance.
Tickets £10 full : £9 Concessions  £8 Friends of the Granary
Saturday, 3rd May
The Day-Star Theatre present
A Bad Penny

Doctor Morris Trubshaw is fifty this coming Friday. His wife, Doreen wants to mark the event with some sort of celebration. The good Doctor sees no reason to do so. After all, in his opinion, fifty is well over the hill and down the other side.

The year is 1964 and the place is the quiet village of Nether Claybourne where the Trubshaws run the local G.P. practice. Morris came to the village soon after the 2nd world war to take over the practice from local girl Doreen’s father. And well, one thing led to another.
With a now established National Health system and a general feeling of prosperity in the country, Morris is content with his lot. He sees no advantage in change. However change is on it’s way to Nether Claybourne.

Firstly there is the arrival of the new vicar the Reverend Martin Braithwaite. He is a ‘switched on’ modern thinking cleric who embraces the burgeoning youth culture of the sixties. And then there is the mysterious but charming Micky Greenaway who has taken out a short term lease on the empty Claybourne Hall. To the horror of some in the village, Micky is the manager of up and coming pop group The Bad Pennies. He has leased the Hall as a luxury hideaway for them and they are due to arrive on Friday.

The self appointed guardian of traditional values in the village, Mrs Allenby-Croft, is determined to prevent Claybourne Hall from becoming a den of iniquity and  local hypochondriac and mother of six, Nelly Drake, fears that her eldest son, who is already the village tearaway may be led further astray by the new arrivals.

Day-Star theatre weave a comic and thought provoking tale of one small rural community at a time of emerging social change just fifty years after the outbreak of the first world war and nearly twenty after the second.

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Saturday, 12th April
Theatrical Niche
Blood Wedding
Loyalty and passion duel to the death in this world-famous triangle of the heart and dagger. A bride-to-be promises herself to a good and loving fiancé, but the sound of horse hooves at her gate tell of a previous love not yet forgotten.

Theatrical Niche breathe fresh fire into Lorca's famed tragedy, "Blood Wedding" this Spring with a stunning new adaptation. A unique blend of Puppetry, Mask Work and Movement illustrate this revered Spanish work, harking back both to the renegade intentions of the playwright, whilst drawing on modern theatre-craft from critically-acclaimed Director, Alice Sillett.
Tickets £10, Concessions £9, Friends £8
Celebrating the poetry and ardour of Lorca's writing whilst bringing the play into the 21st century, this new work is adapted as a multi-disciplinary piece, and showcases an original musical score and lighting from an Award-Winning designer.

"To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves" - Federico Garcia Lorca

For our lovers this Spring, Death and the round moon will find them.

Watch a trailer on YouTube
Read a review
Friday, 16th May
As Duke Ellington said, "There are only two kinds of music: good and bad." At a time when music is all about labels, it's refreshing to find an artist who doesn't easily fit into a box, who is broader than just one category, who is simply "good". Kim Richey is just such an artist.
Her voice gives you goose bumps.
Those artists who find themselves stuck in the deepest of ruts two decades into their careers could learn a thing or two from veteran singer-songwriter Kim Richey. She’s never been afraid to go where the inspiration is.
Two-time Grammy-nominated Kim is a storyteller; a weaver of emotions and a tugger of heartstrings. Tender, poetic and aching with life’s truths, Kim’s songs transport you to her world, where words paint pictures and melodies touch the soul.
And then there’s her voice. Pure, arresting and honest, it makes you take notice; Kim has the kind of voice where if emotions were ribbons, they’d be streaming in rainbow colours from your iPod.
Kim Richey
The Granary Theatre is very pleased to welcome back the superb talent that is Kim Richey
Unfortunately Gareth Dunlop, who was supposed to be accompanying Kim, can not attend the performance.