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Venetia Twigg cleverly adapts Molière's classic for Theatrical Niche. Madam Penelle visiting her son Orgon's house, uses the opportunity to criticize all the members of the household and to praise their boarder, Tartuffe because he is a man of such holiness and zeal. The others present offer objections to Tartuffe, maintaining he is false and hypocritical. At first Orgon refuses to hear anything against Tartuffe and wants his daughter to marry Tartuffe.
Saturday, 10th October
Tickets: Adult £10.00 - Snr Citizen £9.00 - Student £5.00 - Friends of Granary £8
Theatrical Niche  present
After many twists and turns in the plot, including Tartuffe proclaiming that the house is his, Orgon realises that Tartuffe is a hypocrite but his mother refuses to believe this. It is only when Tartuffe tries to evict everyone from the house that she is convinced and Tartuffe is arrested and imprisoned for his many crimes.
A spine chilling new play based on the brilliantly creepy ghost story by the master of the genre M R James
The Haunted Dolls’ House
Tuesday 20th October
Rumpus Theatre
'The Haunted Dolls' House' is based on one of M.R.James' creepy ghost stories, many of which are set in East Anglia.

Wandering unfamiliar streets, Mr Dillett is delighted to stumble upon a beautifully decorated, fully furnished dolls’ house, which the shopkeeper is only too eager to sell to him. At home, he displays the house to full advantage … but it’s not until the moon is up, the curtains drawn and the lamps are extinguished that the object of his delight reveals a truly terrifying secret  … embroiling Dillett in a diabolical past, beyond his imagination!

A high-Gothic horror, Rumpus style.
See a video trailer -
Set in the 1830’s in the supposedly peaceful village of Burnham Market in North Norfolk the play explores the story of Catherine Frary and Frances Billings, the last women to be hanged in Norfolk and whose execution was the last public, double execution in England. Frary and Billings were found guilty of several murders by administering arsenic to their hapless victims, this lethal substance was frequently disguised in dumplings.

Seen through the eyes of the two murderesses, the audience will witness the dramatic events that led to their execution in 1835. Why would two married mothers carry out such horrific crimes? Who were the other players in this tragic game and was the ‘Witch of Wells’ more involved than contemporary accounts would have us believe?
'The Poisoners’ Pact’
Friday, 23rd October
The Stuff of Dreams Theatre Company
Read the article in the Fakenham & Wells Times -  www.fakenhamtimes.co.uk
Written by Cordelia Spence, the Artistic Director of ‘ Stuff of Dreams’ and one of the authors of ‘Love Left Hanging’, and Tim Lane, a Norwich based Actor, Teacher and Musician, ‘The Poisoners’ Pact’  is the company’s third original play and will be their fifth production. The company is going from strength to strength and has a fast growing reputation for producing and touring high quality, lively, engaging theatre that delight’s and moves audiences. The company continue to revisit events from East Anglia’s past, bringing them alive for contemporary audiences.
Back by popular demand with some minor changes
Bowjangles are a string quartet who can really play. They dance whilst they play. They sing whilst they play. They leap, tumble, juggle and joke whilst they play. 'On the Box' is a day in the life of a TV that has been left switched on. These four musical comedians parady a variety of familiar programmes, with exhilarating dance routines and rousing songs. While their cherished violins, viola and cello serve as tennis rackets, fencing swords or merely accessories to a full Charleston Routine, Bowjangles keep the action roaring and the music soaring!
Sunday, 1st November
On The Box
“Superb musicians, tuneful singing voices and a gift for physical comedy”  BroadwayBaby.com

“You’d never have imagined that anyone could incorporate classical music and modern comedy quite so brilliantly.”  PerformanceReviewed.com

An extraordinary night. Every element of the show was executed brilliantly and passionately. A joy to watch.”  ViewsFromTheGods.co.uk

“Bowjangles have worked hard to make their potentially inaccessible art light and fun and they’ve pulled it off in spades.”  BroadwayBaby.com

“With the dancing, singing and fast pace it is easy to forget that they are playing all the music, all the time, without missing a beat.”  Wiltshire Gazettee and Herald.
                            by John Godber
Friday 20th November
MiG Productions present
It’s Friday night, it’s disco night – time for the Bouncers to come alive.

Judd, Ralph, Les and Lucky Eric invite you for a night on the town in this hilarious and outrageous look back at the 80’s nightclub scene.
We meet the smooth talking DJ, the lager swilling lads, the lip-sticked, lacquered girls and many more gyrating to the pulsating beat of the dance floor. And so begins the journey into Friday night under the ever watchful, ever ready, ever observant Bouncers.
Bouncers was voted by the National Theatre as one of the greatest plays of the 20th Century.

Bursting with imagination and wit and presented by just four actors, Bouncers is an outrageous and hilarious parody of the disco scene. The four brutish bouncers of the title portray over twenty different characters as we are invited for a night out on the town. We see them as giggly girls and lads on the make preparing for the big night out as we follow their progress to the disco floor. There, we also meet an entire cross-section of disco-goers, including Hooray Henrys, pogoing punks and drunken slobs! The evening's events are set against the tatty glitzy glamour, flashing lights and pulsating beat of the nightclub scene. An exhilarating night out for all concerned.
MiG Productions is one of Staffordshire’s most respected theatre groups. Established in 1996, they are based at the MET Studio at the Stafford Gatehouse.
Friday 27th November
Hotbuckle Productions
Emma Woodhouse is handsome, clever and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition. She’s also a bit of a meddler. After her governess is married to the kindly Mr Weston (at Emma’s instigation of course), Miss Woodhouse’s path in life is clear. She must become a matchmaker.
But as her interfering gets out of hand and events spiral beyond her control, it may be time for Emma to question her judgement. Gently advised by childhood friend Mr Knightley, can Emma untangle the web she’s spun?

And what does she truly know of her own heart?
Present Jane Austen’s
Friday, 4th December
Something Happened
In the season to be jolly, there's no better way to get in the mood than with a funny, toe- tapping celebration of Christmas past and present with Something Happened - the trio whose shows are a joyful mix of the old and the new, the traditional and the surprising.

Following their highly successful A Touch of Class, Something Happened once again combine irreverent humour and sparkling musicianship for this new show, revealing little-known Yuletide classics as well as giving  their own treatment to much- loved favourites. From Christmas in Hawaii to traditional folk, from 1930 Jazz to 70's Glam , Something Happened's Christmas stocking is stuffed with treats and suprises to bring the best kind of festive celebration.
A festive celebration of music and laughter- with a difference!
“What a fabulous evening.  Everyone had a wonderful time. It was a great atmosphere, and all present will be telling their friends what they missed."  Sheila King, The Pennoyer Centre

"Witty, original provided an evening of tremendous entertainment."    Lesley Pegg, Whissonsett Arts  (A Touch of Class)

'Relaxed, funny and enjoyably provocative   -  I was delighted on all affronts.'  Neil Innes

'Utterly Brilliant and very funny.'  Bev Kembery, Burston Crown(Taboo-Be-Do!)

'This superb trio must be seen to be believed! Terence pens many of their humorous "off -the- wall" numbers,augmented brilliantly by Derek's stonking bluesy guitar licks and Tracey's sultry voice, taking us back to the smoke filled bars of the 20’s and 30s’ but with a modern twist.'                        Adrian Black ,Milkmaid Folk Club
Swann & Dyer Winter Warmers
Friday, 18th December
Swan & Dyer’s Winter Warmer is a fun-filled festive evening of well-known sing along Christmas carols interspersed with famous of Music Hall numbers. Numbers such as “Daisy, Daisy”, “The Man on the Flying Trapeze”, “Waiting at the Church” are mixed in with all time favourites such as “Silent Night”, “Jingle Bells” and even the virtuosic “Theme and Variations on the Carnival of Venice” (better known as “My Hat it Has Three Corners”).

Performed in Victorian costume this event will appeal to everyone young and old with the joy of being together as a family and a community. The evening is light-hearted, humorous and fun. We’re confident that everyone will be singing along from the first number until the very end.
A festive celebration of Christmas Carols and Music Hall
A Brief History of Christmas
Wednesday, 23rd December
Blast From the Past
Tickets: Adult £10.00 - Snr Citizen £9.00  -Friends of the Granary
Acclaimed historical musicians Blast from the Past present a festive romp through 600 years of Christmas music, songs and stories.

Beginning in the Middle Ages and ending in the 20th century, ‘A Brief History of Christmas’ is a whistle-stop tour of the origins of our midwinter festivities. Featuring long-forgotten songs and tales as well as some familiar and well-loved carols, ‘A Brief History of Christmas‘ is a show guaranteed to delight the hearts of young and old.

The first half takes in 600 years of music – featuring music and songs played on archaic instruments such as cittern, shawm and rauschpfeife, as well as more familiar instruments such as guitar, flute, oboe and accordion. and all helped along by Blast from the Past’s trademark wit and humour. The second half is a thrilling retelling of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” – using spoken word, drama and music to bring this classic story to life in a riot of sound and colour.

‘A Brief History of Christmas‘ is the perfect show for anyone looking to recapture the simple Yuletide delights of fellowship, laughter and good cheer.
Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Christmas Carol
Thursday 10th December
Baroque Theatre present
Baroque Theatre present the poignant, humorous and atmospheric Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Christmas Carol', by John Longenbough. Literature's favourite quirky detective is infused with the spirit of crotchety Ebenezer Scrooge in this festive Victorian theatrical treat; there is so much to recognise and discover in this beautifully crafted story which combines these two iconic British institutions.

Seen through the eyes of Dr. Watson, literature’s favourite detective sleuth is infused with the spirit of Ebenezer Scrooge in this festive Victorian theatrical treat.  After failed attempts by Dr. Watson to cheer Holmes into celebrating the holiday season, the unrepentant, ill-tempered detective is forced to deduce the facts and solve the most important mystery of his life – past, present and future. A magical mix of Dickens and Doyle, it is a cheery, insightful and hilarious journey.
Tickets: Adult £10.00 - Snr Citizen £9.00 - Friends of the Granary £9.00
This concert features a sound that is unique. Music from the time in the history of acoustic music that is loved and revered by all,
those who were there at the time, through to those who are only just discovering it now in the 21st century.

1969 – 1976; an incredibly golden period of freedom and self expression, intricately imaginative guitar arrangements
and a vibe that has never since been repeated.. 
Keith James
Saturday, 7th November
Tickets: £12
John Martyn OBE, albeit a maverick and a wildcard, was an incredibly sensitive songwriter with a knowledge and natural ability on guitar that was effortless; a tradition passed down to him through the new folk movement of the 1960’s populated by Davy Graham, Bert Jansch and John Renbourn. His songs always float perfectly in that existential space that is loving and personal; not rejecting a folk style but on a cloud of their own, unique and encapsulated within the emotions of one Man.
‘exquisite and unique’  BRFM

‘certainly the UK’s most celebrated and evocative interpreter of golden music’  The Guardian

‘Some of the most atmospheric and emotive music you will ever hear’  The Independent .

“Master of musical phrasing. A superb songwriter with faultless delivery”  Frank Hennessy, BBC Radio Wales.
John’s highest artistic period was in the early 1970’s during which he released his most contagious and listened to Album ‘Solid Air’ (written for Nick Drake), his finest and much remembered collection. Nick Drake. Well where to begin.. A friend of John’s throughout the short but brilliant time he spent as a Singer/Songwriter and recording artist. Nick was hardly noticed at the time; overshadowed by many other more strident artists (John included) during an incredibly influential period in popular music. It was only over the past decade that his perfect, fragile songs and his intricate guitar style have been discovered or re-discovered by a more restful, greying and understanding audience worldwide and his genius has been fully appreciated. Nick’s songs, to be found on his three precious Albums: Five leaves left, Bryter Latyer and Pink Moon are amongst the most un-improvable and personally connecting compositions of a songwriter to have ever come into human consciousness. Nick Drake is now revered and loved the world over. He died in 1974. Keith James has played over 1,500 concerts celebrating this wonderful music. His concerts have never been considered as a tribute, much more a personal and intimate performance of something uniquely beautiful that can otherwise no longer be heard in a live context.
Friday, 2nd October

Lesley Curtis sings Eva Cassidy
The story of Eva Cassidy in word and song with the Lesley Curtis Trio
A truly unique show which brings the inspirational music of Eva Cassidy to the stage. “Intimately Eva” features the breathtaking vocals of Lesley Curtis in an unforgettable atmosphere, telling the story of Eva's life and performing a selection of Eva’s arrangements including classic songs such as:

Fields of Gold - Autumn Leaves
At Last - Danny Boy - Songbird
and of course... Over The Rainbow.
What they say....

What a beautiful voice. Tonight meant so much to me and I have to thank you and your band for a lovely evening  Glenys - Ashby De La Zouch

Brilliant brilliant brilliant. Just like having Eva back! Thank you. Diana- Ashby De La Zouch

Amazing voice, beautiful songs, beautiful evening. Thank you. Dan - Granary Theatre

Inspired to find out more about Eva Cassidy. Thank you. Amanda - March Town Hall

Fantastic voice, really enjoyed the evening. Thank you. Yvonne & Alex - Granary Theatre

What a beautiful passionate voice. What fabulous guitar playing.
So very moved and impressed. Thank you.Jo - Ashby De La Zouch
Sunday, 4th October , 3pm-4pm
Sura Susso
Arts La’Olam is proud to present Rural Kora on Tour, a series of world music concerts in October featuring Gambian virtuoso Sura Susso and the entrancing music of West Africa.
The Kora, a traditional harp, much like a lute with its complex arrangement of 21 strings, creates beautiful fluid rhythms across a range of styles from high-energy dance anthems to sacred lyrical ballads.  Ancestral stories and legend are told through the music of the Kora forming an essential part of the rich heritage of West Africa.
This series of relaxed afternoon concerts provides a unique and uplifting opportunity for everybody, particularly families and children, to become immersed in the vibrant music and folklore of a proud culture and enjoy the talents of one of Africa’s finest musicians.
Exquisite Kora playing - Cerys Matthews, Songlines on Sura Susso’s debut album Sila Kang
Tickets: Adult £5.00, Snr Citizen £5.00, Family (multiples of 4) £2.50 each
Friends of the Granary £5.00
This remarkable meeting of African music with rural villages has come about through the kind generosity of Arts Council East, Essex County Council Arts Development, Babergh and Mid-Suffolk District Councils, Norfolk County Council and East Donyland Parish Council.
More information from Arts La’Olam 01473 822055
Adrian Wright
Accompanied by Annette Judd on the piano
Saturday 28th November
Spread a Little Happiness
An inimitable performer of rarely heard British theatre songs, Adrian Wright celebrates the work of Vivian Ellis, one of the greatest British composers of light music such as Bless the Bride, “Coronation Scot” and a host of theatrical delights. Exuding retro charm, this recital includes some of Ellis’s most familiar numbers, not least the ever-endearing “Spread a Little Happiness”, “This is My Lovely Day”, and even a song for Lady Chatterley

They have both performed at the Granary as part of the popular company who gave us 'Flopsical' last year.
‘Adrian Wright turns every song into an experience.’  The Stage
‘An artist with that rare spark that illuminates’  Eastern Daily Press
‘A total joy....mischievous, flirtatious, outrageous,’  Southwold Arts Festival

Usual ticket prices are £10 full : £9 Concessions

 £8 Friends of the Granary



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